4 Simple Ways You can Improve Your Residential Security

If you walk down your average Australian suburban road, you will probably notice a few security items, here and there. Though they may sometimes make their owners appear slightly obnoxious, residential security items are certainly not a waste of savings. The internet is now essentially available to everyone in Australia, and all it takes is a quick internet search to see that many burglary guides are available for reading. So, in this period of modern, educated burglars, how can you improve your residential security?

Security Lighting

Having a powerful light connected to a movement sensor out the front and back of your house is a simple and affordable, yet very effective way to deter burglars. There is little more unnerving to a criminal than being in plain sight, especially at night.

Security Alarm Systems

Whether you have a security alarm connected to a door or to a movement sensor, there are few ways a burglar can circumvent the usually inevitable screeching caused by their own presence. As soon as any sane burglar hears an alarm, that's it, they have to leave. Even if your alarm isn't set to contact the police, an anxious burglar will undoubtedly assume it is.

Surveillance Cameras

Being one of the most effective deterrents, a visible security camera will often lead to the crossing off of your house from a burglars list. The reason for this is simple, even though a single camera doesn't have a field of view covering all areas, those with a single security camera often have many others, and most burglars will assume this. In addition to this, most burglars actually don't wear masks, as they have become extremely defining; so even if your house gets robbed, you will likely have photographic means to recovering your stolen goods.

Security Doors and Windows

It's a fact that most doors and windows can be opened with a bit of muscle and a crowbar. There are, however, some doors, and even windows, which even the most experienced criminals would struggle to infiltrate. Many modern security doors have advanced features, such as inbuilt reinforcements, multiple deadbolts locks, and advanced hinge screws. Modern security windows are also much more secure than their predecessors, and are often equipped with technologies such as bars, multiple glass layers, shock-resistant coatings, and tamper-resistant screws. Security doors and windows are much more than a simple deterrent, like most other items in this list; they will protect your home from personal, planned attacks, which are usually the most dangerous.

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