To Catch a Thief: 3 Essential Actions to Take During an Ongoing Burglary in Your Home

If you notice a burglary underway in your home, don’t be the hero—this isn’t a movie and you don’t control the ending. Catching a thief in the act is utterly terrifying, but you need to stay calm to keep your family safe. Think ahead of what to do and make sure your security cameras and systems are always left on when you’re away to give the authorities a much-needed boost to finding the burglar.

Safe in Sixty Seconds: 5 Quick Ways to Secure Your Vehicle

Having a vehicle stolen is every car-owner’s worst nightmare. Modern vehicles are a huge part of life nowadays, and when they’re gone it can present significant interruptions in your everyday life as well as troubling legal and financial issues. Whilst there’s no such thing as “unstealable” car, there are ways to make your very own vehicle extremely tricky to take. Aside from the obvious (and essential) security precautions like switching on car alarm systems, locking the door, and closing every window, there are five very quick things you can do to deter potential thieves from considering your vehicle for theft as soon as you exit the car.

4 Simple Ways You can Improve Your Residential Security

If you walk down your average Australian suburban road, you will probably notice a few security items, here and there. Though they may sometimes make their owners appear slightly obnoxious, residential security items are certainly not a waste of savings. The internet is now essentially available to everyone in Australia, and all it takes is a quick internet search to see that many burglary guides are available for reading. So, in this period of modern, educated burglars, how can you improve your residential security?