To Catch a Thief: 3 Essential Actions to Take During an Ongoing Burglary in Your Home

If you notice a burglary underway in your home, don't be the hero—this isn't a movie and you don't control the ending. Catching a thief in the act is utterly terrifying, but you need to stay calm to keep your family safe. Think ahead of what to do and make sure your security cameras and systems are always left on when you're away to give the authorities a much-needed boost to finding the burglar.

Here are some essential actions to conduct during an ongoing burglary in your home.

Don't Confront the Burglar if You'll Come in Contact

It goes without saying that you should try your best to avoid the burglar, instead of playing hero and possibly losing your life. But if you do come across the burglar in your path, don't confront him. While most burglars will try to flee, others may turn violent and cause you harm.

Leave the Home Area to a Safe Place

If you get into your driveway and notice that a burglary is taking place in your home, don't wait. Drive to safe place as soon as possible—perhaps a family member's or a neighbour's home. There's no doubt that the police will try to get there as soon as possible, but it's possible that the burglar could have gotten away in the meantime and you don't want to be in his escape path, so stay safe and observant.

If you have real-time security cameras installed, you can view what's happening in your home from an Internet-enabled device. This will make it easier for the police to eventually nab the burglar in your home or somewhere else later.

Alert the Law Enforcement Authorities Immediately

Call the law enforcement authorities immediately and tell them everything you know about the situation in your home. You can pass along information like description of cars around the home. If you see the thief fleeing, inform them of the direction he is going in and try your best to get a good look, so you can describe him physically. Giving more details to the police will aid their investigation. Security cameras in and around the home will make life easier for everyone, since it is likely to capture the burglary in progress.

Maximise the Effectiveness of Security Cameras

Security cameras certainly act as a strong deterrent to burglars. They also help the cops investigate the burglary more easily when looking for clues. You can maximise the effect of home security by investing in motion-sensor security cameras with live feed and instant email alerts. Make sure you have high-quality cameras that cover both the front and back doors of your home. Discreet and obvious cameras should be used to baffle the burglars.

Keep in mind that burglaries can be dangerous for you and your family. Follow these actionable tips and stay safe. For more tips or assistance, consult resources like Adept Security Pty Ltd.