Things to think about when getting a security screen for your home

Security screens are good options if you wish to have an alternative to an ordinary security door that also allows you to let fresh air into your home. Most security screens are also possible to mount on the inside of a security door to give you an extra layer of protection and keep your home equally safe regardless if the door is opened or closed. Security screens can come in many different types. However, regardless what type you opt for, there are a few things you should think about when looking at security screens to buy to make sure you get the safest screen possible.


Hinges are weak spots of any type of door or screen as this is where burglars can insert a crowbar and simply break the door off the frame. To prevent this, you should make sure you get a screen with hinges that fill up the entire space between screen and frame. You should also make sure that the screen has at least three hinges of this type to rely on. This means that even if an intruder where to get one hinge off the screen, they still can't get an entire half of the screen open. Another option is to get a screen with hinges that go all the way from top to bottom with filler to prevent an opening from forming between the screen door and frame.


The lock on your screen door is also very important in order to prevent a break-in. Make sure you get a lock with a bolt going through most of the frame; the deeper the better. This makes the lock hard to break or bend open which means the burglars will have to either find a key or attack another part of your screen in order to get it open. Also make sure that you get a lock made of some type of steel. Aluminium or other soft metal locks can be broken regardless of how deep in the frame they're lodged.


You should also consider what type of material you wish to have for the screen itself. Steel is generally recommended both for the frame and the infill, as it's the most durable material. It does, however, have a tendency to rust, so you'll need to maintain it regularly with anti corrosive sealants. One very durable option is a welded steel bar security screen. The mesh provided on most screens is difficult to make durable enough even if it's made in a durable material. You should particularly avoid aluminium mesh doors, as these are fairly simple to cut through with a bolt cutter.