2 Occasions When You Should Hire Armed Guards

When you are organising an event or the transportation of goods, you may not give much thought to hiring an armed guard. Armed guards can provide a level of protection which is not offered by standard security personnel. Below is a guide to 2 occasions when you should seriously consider hiring a team of armed security guards.

You need to transport a VIP

Some VIPs such as political leaders and extremely wealthy investors will require armed protection. While it is highly unlikely that someone will attempt to assassinate a politician who is visiting your company, it is not impossible. The recent shooting of British MP Jo Cox and US Congressman Stephen Scalise have highlighted the fact that political leaders are often targeted. Wealthy investors are often the target of kidnap plots. The aim of these plots is to kidnap the investor or a family member before requesting a large ransom be paid for their release. An armed security guard can escort the VIP on their journey to and from the location of the event and can also offer protection during the event itself. Armed security guards in Australia are permitted to use lethal force to defend their own life or the life of someone else, which means they could open fire to defend someone who was at risk of attack or kidnapping. Often just having an armed officer present can help to deter a would-be attacker as they will not want to risk entering into a shoot-out with an armed guard.

You need to transport a high-value item

If you need to move a large quality of cash, gold or a priceless work of art, you should hire a team of armed security guards to offer a further layer of deterrence. However, when hiring a security guard to carry out a task which involves them protecting an item such as cash, it is important that you understand that the armed guards cannot use their firearms to defend the valuable item. Australian law states that a firearm may be used to defend and preserve life. It makes no mention of defending property. If the guard's life is not threatened, they cannot use their gun and will most likely allow the item to be taken without resistance. However, armed guards who are visible during the movement of high-value items can help to deter would-be thieves. 

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