How a CCTV system can help a small business

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are an important part of any business's security plan, and they do much more than just record information in case of a crime. In fact, CCTV systems provide four important benefits to business owners. 

Deterring crime

One of the most important functions of any security plan is not just to help catch criminals in case of theft, but to deter potential thieves. Strategically-placed CCTV cameras let anyone who enters your business know that you're looking out for their safety. They also discourage theft, prompting would-be criminals to seek an easier target. Place cameras in prominent locations at entrances and exits to achieve this goal, positioning them so that they can get a clear view of everyone who enters and leaves. Tills and other high-value areas are also good locations for cameras. 

Public and employee safety

There's more to CCTV systems than just preventing theft. They can also be very useful in the case of workplace accidents. If a customer or employee is injured, a clear CCTV recording of the incident can help determine the cause, protecting your business against possible liability and helping you improve your health and safety procedures. To position cameras for workplace safety, place them in areas such as car parks or other high-traffic areas. Position cameras so that they have a wide field of view: it's more important to be able to see the whole area than it is to identify unknown individuals. 

Workplace management

Beyond safety and security, CCTV systems can help you manage your business. By studying working patterns, you can improve punctuality, increase productivity, and simplify your workflow. To make effective use of CCTV for this purpose, you'll want a system that can store longer video files, allowing you to review whole days or shifts looking for opportunities for improvement. 

Detecting crime

In addition to these three important functions, there's also the role most people think of when they think of CCTV: helping the police in the event of a crime. Clear CCTV images of a crime being committed can help identify and apprehend culprits as well as making your insurance claims easier. 

Between reducing the likelihood of crime, increasing the odds that a criminal will be caught, and helping you improve your business's safety and efficiency, CCTV systems have many benefits for small businesses. To get the most out of your system, though, you'll want to make sure that it's properly installed and regularly maintained: speak to your security specialist about how to create the system that fits your business's needs.