How to Use the Latest Technology to Keep an Eye on Remote Assets

If you run a large farm spread out over a great deal of land, you may sometimes struggle with security. After all, some of your assets may be a long way from your central location and may present a problem when it comes to monitoring and protection. So, in this situation, why should you think about installing special CCTV cameras to help you achieve your goal while being truly independent?

Off the Beaten Track

Imagine if you have a livestock shed or storage facility that is simply too far away from your farmhouse or office to run cables. Ordinarily, you would not be able to link it up to your central security system as it would be too far away to generate a traceable signal. The facility may be vulnerable to intruders or thieves during the night, which could certainly present a challenge.

Contactable Bullet Cameras

However, you can now think about installing some smaller bullet cameras that are remarkably well-equipped for their diminutive size. They are equipped with a SIM card so that they are accessible and have onboard data recording capabilities as well. You can access this camera from wherever you are to see what is happening at that moment. You can also download the footage from your mobile phone or tablet.

Intelligence Built-In

These new cameras are remarkably intelligent as well. They have built-in algorithms that will help them to "learn" whether a particular disturbance has been caused by a passing fox or a vehicle. This should reduce the number of false alarms and mean that you won't need to respond to an unwanted warning signal that could have been avoided altogether.

Night Vision

When it comes to capability, these cameras also have infrared technology and 24/7 colour vision so that they can portray coloured images even in the dead of night. This will help you to present good quality evidence should you need to in the event of a break-in, theft or another type of incident.

Solar Powered

Importantly, you do not need to rely on batteries and their limited lifetime, as each camera may be equipped with a photovoltaic panel. These panels are integrated into the design, making your new CCTV camera quite compact and relatively easy to install at any location.

Taking Control of Your Security

So, don't worry about those remote assets any longer, but deploy the latest technology to keep you up-to-date instead. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers commercial security systems.