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Reading the News to Understand Security Needs

How Can Technology Help You to Detect Unwanted Intrusion at Work?

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There is a wide range of intruder detection systems available in the commercial market today, some very traditional and others becoming increasingly innovative, as improvements in technology are incorporated into the design process. What range of systems is available to you today? As a business owner, you may be advised to implement a number of different security measures in order to implement an element of redundancy. In this way, you will be able to “blend” different protection levels to achieve the best piece of mind. At the very basic level are the typical intruder alarms that simply emit a loud noise whenever they are triggered. In a world which seems to be full of random noise pollution, this type of alarm is unlikely to offer any real protection, and it’s not surprising that many insurance companies will reject the solution today. Beware False Reports A much stronger solution is provided by monitored systems, where a silent alarm is sent to a central receiving centre. An operative there will attempt to confirm that the alarm isn’t falsely generated before informing private security personnel or the police, as well as the keyholder. Note that you must place an emphasis here on the elimination of false reports, as police authorities must first of all sanction this type of system by providing a unique reference number. Should too many false reports be generated in a relatively short period of time, the police can revoke and subsequently ignore any reports. As a consequence, it’s important for you to only install the very latest in monitored systems and follow the protocol developed by the system manufacturer and the police authorities. As somebody intent on entering the premises may well cut communication lines in a bid to bypass monitored systems, other systems have now been developed that will detect if the communication line has been interrupted. Note that the police may still want to know if the alarm can be confirmed as positive and not just a case of a failure in the telephone line itself. Combination Systems to Outwit Intruders One way round the issue of whether or not an alarm can be “confirmed,” is to use a dual path signalling system. This combines a GSM mobile phone system with an alarm system set up to use standard telephone lines. In this system should “dual” alarms be received by the monitoring centre as firstly a GSM system alarm and secondly a signalling path fault (cut line), this automatically confirms the call as genuine and initiates the police response. There are also systems which are essentially a hybrid and use IP signalling over the Internet as well as, or instead of, GSM. This particular type of system is still in its infancy and needs to be accepted by your insurance company before you should consider it as an...

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Things to think about when getting a security screen for your home

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Security screens are good options if you wish to have an alternative to an ordinary security door that also allows you to let fresh air into your home. Most security screens are also possible to mount on the inside of a security door to give you an extra layer of protection and keep your home equally safe regardless if the door is opened or closed. Security screens can come in many different types. However, regardless what type you opt for, there are a few things you should think about when looking at security screens to buy to make sure you get the safest screen possible. Hinges Hinges are weak spots of any type of door or screen as this is where burglars can insert a crowbar and simply break the door off the frame. To prevent this, you should make sure you get a screen with hinges that fill up the entire space between screen and frame. You should also make sure that the screen has at least three hinges of this type to rely on. This means that even if an intruder where to get one hinge off the screen, they still can’t get an entire half of the screen open. Another option is to get a screen with hinges that go all the way from top to bottom with filler to prevent an opening from forming between the screen door and frame. Lock The lock on your screen door is also very important in order to prevent a break-in. Make sure you get a lock with a bolt going through most of the frame; the deeper the better. This makes the lock hard to break or bend open which means the burglars will have to either find a key or attack another part of your screen in order to get it open. Also make sure that you get a lock made of some type of steel. Aluminium or other soft metal locks can be broken regardless of how deep in the frame they’re lodged. Material You should also consider what type of material you wish to have for the screen itself. Steel is generally recommended both for the frame and the infill, as it’s the most durable material. It does, however, have a tendency to rust, so you’ll need to maintain it regularly with anti corrosive sealants. One very durable option is a welded steel bar security screen. The mesh provided on most screens is difficult to make durable enough even if it’s made in a durable material. You should particularly avoid aluminium mesh doors, as these are fairly simple to cut through with a bolt...

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To Catch a Thief: 3 Essential Actions to Take During an Ongoing Burglary in Your Home

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If you notice a burglary underway in your home, don’t be the hero—this isn’t a movie and you don’t control the ending. Catching a thief in the act is utterly terrifying, but you need to stay calm to keep your family safe. Think ahead of what to do and make sure your security cameras and systems are always left on when you’re away to give the authorities a much-needed boost to finding the burglar. Here are some essential actions to conduct during an ongoing burglary in your home. Don’t Confront the Burglar if You’ll Come in Contact It goes without saying that you should try your best to avoid the burglar, instead of playing hero and possibly losing your life. But if you do come across the burglar in your path, don’t confront him. While most burglars will try to flee, others may turn violent and cause you harm. Leave the Home Area to a Safe Place If you get into your driveway and notice that a burglary is taking place in your home, don’t wait. Drive to safe place as soon as possible—perhaps a family member’s or a neighbour’s home. There’s no doubt that the police will try to get there as soon as possible, but it’s possible that the burglar could have gotten away in the meantime and you don’t want to be in his escape path, so stay safe and observant. If you have real-time security cameras installed, you can view what’s happening in your home from an Internet-enabled device. This will make it easier for the police to eventually nab the burglar in your home or somewhere else later. Alert the Law Enforcement Authorities Immediately Call the law enforcement authorities immediately and tell them everything you know about the situation in your home. You can pass along information like description of cars around the home. If you see the thief fleeing, inform them of the direction he is going in and try your best to get a good look, so you can describe him physically. Giving more details to the police will aid their investigation. Security cameras in and around the home will make life easier for everyone, since it is likely to capture the burglary in progress. Maximise the Effectiveness of Security Cameras Security cameras certainly act as a strong deterrent to burglars. They also help the cops investigate the burglary more easily when looking for clues. You can maximise the effect of home security by investing in motion-sensor security cameras with live feed and instant email alerts. Make sure you have high-quality cameras that cover both the front and back doors of your home. Discreet and obvious cameras should be used to baffle the burglars. Keep in mind that burglaries can be dangerous for you and your family. Follow these actionable tips and stay safe. For more tips or assistance, consult resources like Adept Security Pty...

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Safe in Sixty Seconds: 5 Quick Ways to Secure Your Vehicle

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Having a vehicle stolen is every car-owner’s worst nightmare. Modern vehicles are a huge part of life nowadays, and when they’re gone it can present significant interruptions in your everyday life as well as troubling legal and financial issues. Whilst there’s no such thing as “unstealable” car, there are ways to make your very own vehicle extremely tricky to take. Aside from the obvious (and essential) security precautions like switching on car alarm systems, locking the door, and closing every window, there are five very quick things you can do to deter potential thieves from considering your vehicle for theft as soon as you exit the car. Remain Nameless As depressing as it may sound, many car thieves will simply nick vehicles to go for a brief joyride before dumping the car somewhere nondescript—especially if the car has a fierce engine and is able to top some rapid speeds. Other criminals, however, are more cunning and malicious. These kinds of crooks won’t just steal your car—they’ll trawl through every sheet of paper in every pocket or drawer to see what they can find. Many crooks can use your personal details to commit fraud, steal from your home address, and fiddle with your financial expenses. If a certain criminal takes a fancy to your car, don’t let yourself become a victim of another crime to boot. Take every sheet of important paper—including anything like driving license documents, bank statements, and letters with your address on—out of the vehicle before you exit. It may not seem like it, but depending on where you’re parked, your personal details are much safer with you than they are in your vehicle. Don’t Bother, I’m Alarmed It’s incredibly simple, and it may even seem faintly ridiculous, but slapping a sticker on your vehicle that claims the car is alarmed can actually help to prevent your car from being stolen. Certain car thieves are actually quite intelligent, but even something as simple as a sticker can scare them away. If there’s one thing that criminals absolutely hate—it’s alarm systems. Car thieves won’t necessarily believe the sticker on your vehicle, but it’ll certainly make them think twice about taking it. It’s human nature. Even if your car doesn’t have an operating alarm (which it really ought to), whack the sticker on there anyway. It labels your car as being tough to steal, and that’s always a good thing.   Make It Tricky When you park up, take note of your surroundings. Who is in the location? Is there lots of natural light? Are there any security cameras in the area? These things can save your vehicle from being stolen. Car thieves detest lights and noise, and by parking down a back alley that’s obscured from natural light and public view, you’re basically slapping your car with a sticker saying “steal me”. Also, when you park up it’s a good idea to turn your wheels into the curb or towards another car. Absolutely anything that can delay a thief’s getaway will put them off, so it’s up to you to make your car as difficult as possible to steal. Turn your wheels, and park up in the right kind of places. Tip-off Any Nosy Neighbors Believe it or not, most burglars couldn’t care less about smashing a window...

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4 Simple Ways You can Improve Your Residential Security

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If you walk down your average Australian suburban road, you will probably notice a few security items, here and there. Though they may sometimes make their owners appear slightly obnoxious, residential security items are certainly not a waste of savings. The internet is now essentially available to everyone in Australia, and all it takes is a quick internet search to see that many burglary guides are available for reading. So, in this period of modern, educated burglars, how can you improve your residential security? Security Lighting Having a powerful light connected to a movement sensor out the front and back of your house is a simple and affordable, yet very effective way to deter burglars. There is little more unnerving to a criminal than being in plain sight, especially at night. Security Alarm Systems Whether you have a security alarm connected to a door or to a movement sensor, there are few ways a burglar can circumvent the usually inevitable screeching caused by their own presence. As soon as any sane burglar hears an alarm, that’s it, they have to leave. Even if your alarm isn’t set to contact the police, an anxious burglar will undoubtedly assume it is. Surveillance Cameras Being one of the most effective deterrents, a visible security camera will often lead to the crossing off of your house from a burglars list. The reason for this is simple, even though a single camera doesn’t have a field of view covering all areas, those with a single security camera often have many others, and most burglars will assume this. In addition to this, most burglars actually don’t wear masks, as they have become extremely defining; so even if your house gets robbed, you will likely have photographic means to recovering your stolen goods. Security Doors and Windows It’s a fact that most doors and windows can be opened with a bit of muscle and a crowbar. There are, however, some doors, and even windows, which even the most experienced criminals would struggle to infiltrate. Many modern security doors have advanced features, such as inbuilt reinforcements, multiple deadbolts locks, and advanced hinge screws. Modern security windows are also much more secure than their predecessors, and are often equipped with technologies such as bars, multiple glass layers, shock-resistant coatings, and tamper-resistant screws. Security doors and windows are much more than a simple deterrent, like most other items in this list; they will protect your home from personal, planned attacks, which are usually the most dangerous. For more information, check out companies such as Bonds Security...

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